Paths lead to destinations, intentions are good but without direction young people are lead astray. We live in a fatherless generation that is lacking positive role models. Although they live in the most entertained generation, simultaneously, they are the most bored. Anthropologist tell us, “boredom has very little to do with a lack of entertainment and everything to do with a lack of meaning”. People need mentors that brings direction and encouragement, someone that will believe in them and guide them - to tell them what they need to hear rather than what the want to hear.

Effective mentoring has a foundation of love and a structure of trust, in which without all relationships crumble. John Maxwell states that "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care" 

Change brings opportunity. Through our initiatives we seek to inspire young people to change their community by giving back!



True Freedom after 19 birthdays behind bars.

Surviving a bullet to the head in the aftermath of asian crime gangs. Mr Pham found himself jailed in Silverwater, Parklea, Longbay, Windsor, Cessnock, and Goulburn correctional centres. Mr Pham served time with most notorious criminals in Australia. Stabbings, murder and retribution is apart of life on the inside. After the pain and scars of incarceration, Mr Pham now shares his story in hope to divert young people off the path he once lived. 



AKA Black Moose music producer. 


Having been bullied in primary, secondary school and in the workplace, Blake had confidence issues, being raised in a broken home. At 19 years of age, he turned to destructive behaviour, partying, drinking and drug taking due to a relational break down. He is now married with two children and shares his hope to the youth through his story and music. 


Standover man turned community leader

Trapped in a life filled with violence and drug abuse, Johnny was immersed in criminal gangs as a debt collector and stand over man for one of Cabramatta’s notorious gangs. At 22yrs old he was betrayed and left for dead in a suburban street. Johnny shares his confronting and amazing story of what transformed a vicious standover man into a loving husband, father and youth mentor. 


X Factor Performer


After losing his father at the age of 9, Taholo Renagi tried to fill that void by pursued fame and fortune, performing on TV shows such as X-factor and school spectacular, but in the aftermath of a fatherless home, Taholo was left more confused, depressed and alone. Overcoming the tragedy of a family breakdown, Taholo is now married and travels Australia sharing his story of resilience, in hope to inspire the youth of today, towards a better tomorrow.